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FAQ - Home Buying Process

Below are questions asked by previous Lemay Homes customers in regards to the different steps encountered from the purchase of a new home, to the selection of finishes, to the construction and transfer of ownership of the home.  As a new home builder in search of offering the best home buying experience, we are at your service to answer any questions you have throughout the home building process. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us so that we can better assist you.

Q: To whom do we direct any questions we may have? 

A: It is best to begin by questioning your Sales Representative. Depending on the nature of your question, you will be directed to the appropriate person if the Sales Representative is not in a position to answer your questions.


Q: What are the advantages of buying a new home vs. a used home? 

A: The answer to this question is that, besides having everything new and in the latest colors and styles of cabinets, floorings and trims, you benefit from improved construction techniques and materials.  You also get new technology in heating and air conditioning systems, types of insulation and even plumbing fixtures which provide new homes with energy efficiency that can't be matched by homes built in the past. Also, new products such as flooring, siding, and exterior trim require less maintenance and last longer. You can also avoid costly retrofitting renovations in order to put your home on the information highway with high tech features like Category 5 telephone wiring and RG6 cable outlets. 

Q: What is an Agreement of Purchase and Sale? 

A: An Agreement of Purchase and Sale is a legal contract between you, as the Purchaser, and Lemay Homes as the Builder/Vendor. It sets out in writing the details of the home Lemay Homes will be building for you and it is attached to a number of schedules dealing with several aspects pertaining to your new home. These schedules form a part of the agreement and will include, but are not limited to, any conditions of the agreement (i.e. specification list, lot supplement, etc) the payment structure of the agreement and any restrictions that run with the land that you should be aware of. (i.e. selection of exterior finishes, limitations on clotheslines, alterations to the grading, etc). 

Q: We decided to buy a Lemay Home. What do we need to do first?

A: You will need to sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with the Sales Representative and make a 10% deposit of the total price of the home.  You will also be asked to identify in the Purchase Agreement the name of the lawyer who will be representing you. 

Q: When should I get financing?

A: Lemay Homes recommends you get a pre-approved  mortgage financing before signing the Agreement of Purchase.  It is always possible to do so after signing the Agreement of Purchase but sometimes purchasers find it is a very hectic timeline with all of the other decisions that come along with buying a new home.   

Selection of finishes and modifications to plans:

Q: What is included in a Lemay Home? 

A: As each home and community is different, refer to your Agreement of Purchase and Sale to determine what is included in a Lemay Home.

Q: Can a plan be modified to meet our needs?

A: The short answer is yes and no. 

While Lemay Homes as a pre-determined list of plans  for each community, all can also possibly be modified in order to suit your needs. However, these changes have to fall within the limitations of the structural support walls and beams, lot size, and requisites set forth by Lemay Homes, the City or other governing parties.  Lemay Homes thrives on offering a harmonized community therefore the general look of the home and its exterior sheeting and color selections must comply with the rest of the homes in the project.   Furthermore, certain modifications are also possible only depending at which stage of construction the home is at.  Certain modifications need to be mandatorily be made before the walls are starting to go up or before drywall starts to go up for example.  You must immediately share your modification plans to the Sales representative. 

Q: Which color and product selections do I have to make and where do I make those choices? 

A: As set out on the Specifications list attached to your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, you will choose some exterior and/or interior colors and materials from our pre-selected samples that are available for viewing in our Sales Centre. Other selections such as cabinets, flooring and lighting are done in the stores of our different suppliers. This way of functioning gives you, the Purchaser, access to an even greater selection of finishes in order for you to truly customize your new home.  

Q: When should we finalize our selection of finishes?

A:  It is important that all selections be completed within approximately 7 to 14 days of signing your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Lemay Homes’ Sales Representative will have the paperwork for you and he/she will guide you through this process and give you deadlines to meet in order to be able to deliver your home on schedule.

Q: What should I bring at my different selection appointments?

A:To help you and our Supplier to best select the decorator items that match your tastes and lifestyle, you may want to bring fabric swatches, wallpaper samples, photographs of furniture, and pictures from magazines of cabinets, countertops, and flooring. 

Q: Will changes to our home that we want incorporated delay our closing?

A: Yes. Any changes to your home definitely have the potential of delaying your closing. It is really important to make sure that any changes requested and approved are done at the beginning of the construction of your new home. We will definitely try to meet your closing expectations, pending the type of modification requests. 


Q: How long will it take to build my new home? 

A: Lemay Homes strives to be an on time builder. With this in mind it usually takes between 6 to 9 months to build a quality new home but this timeframe is dependent on the model, the modifications requested, etc. Our commitment is to getting the job well done, using the highest quality materials and reliable trades to ensure your home is built to our high standards. Lemay Homes will provide you with an estimated move in date of your new home. 

Q: Can we visit the site at any time or are pre-scheduled visits preferred? 

A: Due to Insurance and Health and Safety Regulations, and for your safety, all site visits must be pre-arranged with a Lemay Homes Representative, as set out in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Green tab Steel toed work boots and Hard Hat must be worn at all times. We are also available to answer any questions as they arise.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to inspect my new home prior to closing? 

A: Absolutely!  We call this specific appointment the Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) during which time you will be able to inspect every nook and cranny.  During this appointment, you will also receive documentation in regards to warranty coverage (Ontario: Tarion, Québec: APCHQ), to heating, cooling, windows, cabinets, flooring, electrical and plumbing systems, and more. You will receive information about operation, maintenance and warranties. This is your opportunity to have all your questions answered. 

Deed of Sale:

Q: When do we sign the Deed of Sale at the notary/lawyer?

A:  The big day is finally here! During this meeting, you will need to submit a certified cheque in payment of the balance owed.  You will also need to pay:

  • Adjustment of municipal taxes
  • Adjustment of school taxes
  • Lawyer fees
  • Options that are not financed
  • If necessary, taxes on C.M.H.C  fees

You will receive the Ownership of your new home and the keys.